League of Legends Week 1 D2 Results (9/1/16)

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    Hey everyone! Update from our very first week at the ggCircuit for League of Legends! So after today this marks our 1/8 Thursdays for the next couple of weeks to compete. Our team "GS LoL" ended up winning today's ladder matches. We finished with a solid 2-0 as seen here:


    In our very first game we won with a total score of 23/8/33 vs. 8/23/11 at 23 minutes and 50 seconds with an enemy team forfeiture. In our second game we won with a total score of 31/14/66 vs. 14/31/23 at 25 minutes and 45 seconds with the destruction of the enemy nexus! What's even more crazy is that we won both games WITHOUT losing ONE tower!

    We look forward to the next couple of weeks to take this entire ladder back home to GameSync! If you are interested in joining a team/being captain please see this link (we are looking to develop a second team):

    eSports - GameSync Team: ggCircuit (Competitive Play/LoL)

    If you'd like to watch a replay of these games please visit:

    NOTE: You may need to have league open in order to watch these replays.


    view the 2 custom games with the photos of Nautilus (game 1) and Renekton (game 2) pictured on the left.

    See you on the Rift!
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    Next game we should do a group photo? good little memoirs :p

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