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    Hi folks!

    I'm Joseph, AKA TormentedByGnomes. I'm a new addition to the GameSync team, and I'm looking forward to meeting and gaming with everyone.

    While I play a wide variety of games, Overwatch is my #1 obsession. I'm the admin for an amateur Overwatch league that plays online. Almost more than actually playing the game, I love building community, organizing tournaments, and making things happen. My goal is to help everyone who loves this game as much as I do find each other so we can start training, scrimming and competing like the pros.

    In the next couple of weeks I'll be reaching out to everyone who's expressed in playing Overwatch, forming an Overwatch eSports team, participating in tournaments and leagues--whatever it is you're looking for, I want to make it happen at GameSync.

    I'll be at GameSync tomorrow with a couple of my teammates to do some Season 4 placement matches, maybe scrim against another team in my league. If you're around, look for the guy wearing way too much OW swag.

    -- TBG
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