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    ggCircuit Ladder Cups are a revolutionary new idea for the gaming community you can participate in now!

    Compete against other LAN centers around the USA/Canada in a weekly tournament series that runs for 8 weeks! You don't have to join every week but each time you participate you receive coins just for entering, plus your team will receive coins. End of season prizes per center and per player are awarded from the ggCircuit vault. For participating, you will receive:
    • 50 coins for tournament entry
    • 50 coins per tournament win
    • 50 coins for winning the 8 weeks overall
    The schedule is as follows:
    • Overwatch Monday 5pm
    • CS:GO Tuesday 5pm
    • Hearthstone Wednesday 5pm
    • League of Legends Thursday 5pm
    If you don't think you can make it by 5pm, come anyway! The events often start late as teams across the country are signing up. If you're not on a team, you can show up to the LAN center and join on the spot (provided there is space available). Consider applying for a team here.

    The points for the ladders come from wins in the brackets. It is very simple: each win in the bracket gives a player 50 points. No penalty for losing, no complicated formula. The goal is to earn at least 250 points over 8 weeks to qualify for the finals. That is just 5 wins ANY TIME over the 8 week period.

    The championship invitational will also be on the same weeknight as the regular nights and all teams with at least 250 points will be invited to play in the finals. The winners will receive a custom trophy (one per player on the winning team).

    What else is in it for you? Each bracket win gives you 50 points which are also extra ggCircuit coins! So a Hearthstone player winning 8 matches on Wednesday night will win an additional 400 coins that night!

    To see who you are competing against, check the website for your ladder. If a team registers it will update online - just keep an eye there.

    When you check in at GameSync, mention that you are participating in ggCircuit ladder cups and receive 18% off the regular rate! Pay only $4.63/hour + tax. You can also stay after the tournament and continue to play at the discounted pricing.

    We can field as many teams/players as we want. Team leaders should make sure their teams arrive early to get a row of stations if possible. View a live seat map of the center here. If you want to play with your team in a row and certain stations you need aren't available, ask a staff member for assistance and we'll try to move someone in between their games. Note: ggCircuit has a Discord channel running for LFG players if you want to combine with another center to form a team.

    If you're new to GameSync, your LAN account will need to be linked to ggCircuit before registration on the ggCircuit website can be completed. This can only be done at GameSync LAN center.

    To form a new team or join an existing team as a stand-in, please apply here. After 8 weeks, the competition will reset and a new one will start shortly thereafter. Monitor these forums and for more information.

    The purpose of these weekly ladders are:
    • We feature game days/nights around a game to help build our local community for that game
    • Gives players a chance to play in organized brackets that would be impossible for us to run on a weeknight
    • Gives our "regulars" something to play for that is not invaded by out of town teams and players showing up for prizes on a weekend tournament
    We can't wait for you to join a team and get involved! If you have any additional questions, please reply in this thread!
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