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    It's CVBrenticus here, and I'm happy to announce my joining of the GameSync Dota 2 coordinators.

    I just moved from Michigan, and was happy to find you all ready to pump out some high quality Dota 2.
    As it seems, we need to get some days and events going to get our scene and GameSync team going. Even if you're not looking to become competitive, and just want to meet up for a community aspect, you're at the right place.

    Team synergy, hard work, and drafting take a lot of effort to get the puzzle pieces of a team to be successful.
    But everything worth having, comes with that hard work. I'm ready to do everything I can to find everyone's role in the grand scheme of Defending the Ancient.

    Send me your name, Steam ID, preferred role(and/or heroes), DotaBuff, and personal opinions about yourself with desires for the entirety of what your mission is for Dota 2. I'm happy to sit down with you guys in person, Discord, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, or preferred form of contact.

    My Steam ID can be found at Steam Community :: CVBrenticus.
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brenticus.corcoran
    Email: mailto:brenticus.corcoran@yahoo.com
    Discord: CvBrenticus #3111
    Skype: mailto:brenticus.corcoran@yahoo.com

    Look forward to crushing pubs, BattleCups, scrims, or whatever is thrown at us.


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