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    Monday through Monday each week the top scoring players from each center use their top scoring games to earn points for the center. At the end of 8 weeks the top 10 players from each world region and the top 2 centers from each world region advance to the finals.

    The seasons will only track skill coins. You will have to be connected to your game accounts in ggCircuit. It tracks all ranked mataches in LoL, Smite & Dota and whatever else ggCircuit will start to support in the future.


    8 week regular season, 2 week finals.


    Players simply play games like normal online. Only ranked matches in the most competitive format will count as eligible games. The top 5 matches played for each player will make up their player score. For each center score, the top 15 players in all ggCircuit supported games will make up their center score.


    The top 5 scoring players world-wide for each week will win $20 each in either in-game currency codes or PayPal can be sent to the center to purchase a local game code for their server.


    The top players for each game AFTER 8 weeks of regular season will each win a custom gaming chair sponsored by E-Blue.

    2nd - 5th place AFTER the regular season will win E-Blue keyboards.
    6th-10th place AFTER the regular season will win E-Blue headsets.


    The top overall player will win an Alienware Alpha.
    The 2nd-5th place overall players will win Alienware Duffle Bags.
    The 6th-10th place overall players will win Alienware T-shirts.

    Keep checking back to this forum for updates on the next season and feel free to reply to this thread with any questions!
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