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    ggCircuit March Madness League of Legends Tournament​
    Where: GameSync Gaming Center
    Date: Saturday, March 25th 2017 at 1Pm EST/ 10am PST. Guests can come in and watch the event, but GameSync will have a limited amount of seats due to teams needing the seats.
    Duration: First round begins at 10 AM PST
    Prize: $1000 guaranteed. Winner of pink pamsy bracket gets back refistration fee.
    Registration: Teams pay $125 to ggCircuit. Money goes towards prize pool. Last day to sign up is Wednesday March 22nd 2017. Tournament details and brackets can be found @
    Currently GameSync can provide stations for two teams and offer space for another team through BYOC, Bring Your Own Console. It is recommended for team members to purchase a day pass that must be used responsibly and only for the tournament. To help pay for event, each team member will pay $5. The rates for a day pass can be found @ Pricing & Discount Rates - GameSync Gaming Center | San Diego
    If interested, respond and ask questions to this thread or on Discord. Remember there is a limit of stations open.
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