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    GameSync Overwatch Seasonal League

    Format & Rules Overview

    The GameSync Overwatch Seasonal League consists of 6-person teams who compete against other teams at GameSync in weekly matches. League play is divided into seasons. Each season, every team will play every other team in the league and accumulate points. At the end of the league season, current standings will be used to seed a playoff tournament--the last chance to earn points. The 1st and 2nd place teams will receive prizes to be provided by our sponsors.
    Team Structure

    • Each team consists of Six players.

    • Every team will have a captain and co-captain.
      • Teams that do not sign up as a six-person roster will have other players added according to skill rating, hero skills, availability and location.
    • Teams select two maps as their Home Field. Teams may not select Oasis.
    • Every team plays one game a week, against another team in the league. (See match structure below)
      • Teams may schedule their matches for any day/time during the week, but must notify League Admin of their scheduled time.
    • All official league matches and tournaments are held at GameSync
      • GameSync Overwatch League teams are eligible for the esports rate when they play as a team and buy the same amount of time (see Rates & Pricing for details)
    • Teams only earn points for matches completed before the end of the season

    • A leaderboard online and at the LAN center will track each team's points
    • At the end of the season, a playoff tournament will be held during which teams will have one last chance to earn points.

    • The top two teams each season will earn prizes from our sponsors

    Match Format & Rules

    • Each official GameSync OWL match will be held as a Best of 3 with the following rules
      • Competitive Mode
      • Single Map
      • Single hero limit/team
      • KOTH is BO5
      • Kill Cam Disabled
    • The first two maps of each BO3 series will be selected from each of the participating teams' home maps.
    • If the series is tied 1-1, the third map will be played on a Neutral Map, which will change from week to week (scheduled to be published)
      • If the Neutral Map of the week has already been played, the third map will default to Nepal.
      • If the neutral map AND Nepal have already been played, the third map will be Ilios.
        Neither Nepal nor Ilios will be included in the weekly map rotation.
    • If any match results in a draw, a tiebreaker will be held immediately. The Tiebreaker map is Oasis, played as a best of 1

    At the start of each league season, the team captain must:
    • Choose a Team Name
    • Designate a co-captain
    • Select two Home Field maps
      • Neither home field map can be Oasis
      • Teams cannot select both Nepal AND Ilios as their Home Fields
    During the season, the captain (or co-captain, if the captain isn't available) has the following responsibilities
    • Communicating with other team captains to schedule matches & scrims
    • Reporting match results to League Admin
    • Making sure their team is available for each match
    • Contacting League Admin with any questions or concerns


    • Code of Conduct: The GameSync Rules & Terms of Use are in effect at all times.
    • Rules Disputes: Please defer to the GameSync Overwatch Coordinators in the event of any rules disputes.
      • League Admin reserves the right to change the format and rules at their discretion, but will announce such changes at least one week in advance (except in case of emergencies)
    • Players and teams found to be breaking any of the rules will be penalized at the discretion of League Admin, up to and including disqualification from the current league season.

    • League Admin is operating on behalf of GameSync and their decisions are final. That said, they would rather work things out in a courteous and respectful manner than swing the banhammer around. Be reasonable and compassionate and there shouldn't be any problems.

    • Disconnects: In the event that a player disconnects during a match, the lobby host must pause immediately.
      • If a player is unable to play due to technical issues, please consult the GameSync staff on duty for immediate assistance.
    • Each player may only be on one team.

    • Substitutions: If a player cannot make an official match, it is the team's responsibility to arrange a substitute player
      • The substitute player must have a current season SR equal to or lower than the player being replaced
      • The substitute player must fill out a GameSync esports application
      • Substitutions must be reported on the GameSync forums
      • If any team is found to have used a substitute who is a smurf (a player who has another account at a higher SR), the team substituting that player will forfeit that official match 0-2.
    • Roster Changes: If a team wishes to replace a player for the long term (more than one match or indefinitely), the new player must have a GameSync esports application on file. The team captain must contact the admins when changing the team roster
    • Player Trades: Teams can trade players. Any such trades need to be posted on the forums for admin approval and so we can update the rosters.
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