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    GameSync Overwatch Challenger League

    Format & Rules Overview

    The GameSync Overwatch Challenger League is a competitive environment where teams can constantly find worthy opponents. It is ideal for newly formed teams, teams waiting for our Seasonal League to open, and teams who thrive on challenging opponents to dominate the leaderboard!

    Team Structure

    • Teams consist of a six-player roster
    • Teams must have a captain and co-captain (see duties, below)
    • Team rosters will be available to competitors and will include both individual and average team SR
    • Teams are encouraged to play Ranked Queue together, so staying within 1000 SR of each other is recommended. It is not, however, required.

    League Format

    • The league is based on Challenges issued by one team to another team.
    • Teams must issue or accept at least one challenge a week.
      • Teams that refuse or ignore all challenges in a week, and that do not issue at least one challenge in a weak, will drop 2 points on the Leaderboard.
      • Teams that issue a challenge that goes unanswered, and receive no challenges, do not drop points.
    • If a challenge is accepted, the two teams will arrange a match time at GameSync.
      • Challenge matches are played as a best of 3
      • Points are issued as below:
        • Participating in a challenge match: 1 point/team
        • Each map won in a BO3: 1 point
        • Winning a challenge match: 1 point
      • For example, if two teams play a Challenge Match and the series ends 2-1, points will be issued as below:
        • Winning team: 1 point for playing, 2 points for winning maps, 1 point for winning the series (4 points total)
        • Losing team: 1 point for playing a challenge match, 1 point for winning maps (2 points total)
      • The point system is designed to let victorious teams rise to the top, while still highlighting those teams that are active.
    • The Leaderboard
      • Teams will be ranked by current points on the leaderboard on GameSync's website, this forum, and posted on-site at GameSync.

      • The leaderboard will reset at the end of each official Overwatch competitive season. The top teams will be eligible for:
        • Tournament invitations
        • Prizes as available from our sponsors
        • Team Profile priority on our website & social media
        • Bonus points at the start of the next season to reflect their success
    • Match Format
      • Challenger Matches are played at GameSync as a best of three
      • Map selection is done through a ban/draft, powered by – Overwatch Drafting Tool
      • Custom map settings are as follows:
        • Competitive Mode
        • Single Map
        • Single Hero limit/team
        • KOTH is BO5
        • Kill Cam Disabled
      • Match settings otherwise mirror the current, live competitive ruleset on If a new hero is released mid-season for the Challenger League, that hero will be allowed in League matches as soon as its live in Ranked Mode.

      • Maps that result in a draw reward no points to either side

      • If a series ends in a tie, participants earn points for playing the map and for each map they took, and the series is declared a draw. Both captains are invited to issue an immediate or imminent rematch.
      • In the event that a player disconnects during an official match, the lobby host must pause immediately.

    Team & Captain Responsibiloities

    • Upon joining the challenger league, each team must:
      • Choose a suitable team name (subject to admin approval)
      • Designate a captain and a co-captain
      • Fill out a GameSync Esports Application for each team member, if not on file
    • Once a team is formed, it is the captain's responsibility to:
      • Coordinate and schedule scrims, matches, practice sessions etc
      • Report match results to League Admin on the forums
      • Ensure that their team is available for each match
      • Issue and accept challenges on behalf of their team
      • Report issued and accepted challenges on the forums
      • The co-captain may fulfill any duties of the captain as required.
      • League Admin is available to assist with any of the above as needed
    • Substitutions
      • If a player is unable to attend a match, the captain or co-captain can arrange a substitute player
      • The substitute player must be reported ahead of time to league admin and the opposing captain.
      • If the substitute player's current season SR is higher than the player they are replacing, the opposing captain must approve the substitution before the match can proceed.
      • For substitutes with multiple accounts, the SR and battletag of the highest SR account must be used
      • If any team is found to have used a substitute which turns out to be a smurf account that violates the SR limit without informing the other captain, the team substituting that player will forfeit the series and be penalized 2 points.
    • Roster Changes
      • Player Trades: Teams are welcome to trade players by mutual agreement. This can be used to make schedules more compatible, ensure that teams can play together in ranked queue based on SR, improve chemistry on a team, or any other purpose.
      • Other Roster Changes: All roster changes, whether they be player trades or otherwise, must be reported to league admin, preferably by the captains. Players who leave their teams are invited to become Free Agents. Free Agents will be matched to new teams/teams looking for players by League Admin.
        • All new players joining or forming teams must have a GameSync Esports application on file.
    • New Teams/Joining the League
      • New teams may join at any time. They will start with 0 points. To form a team, the team captain must identify all team members and the team name to League Admin. Provided none of the players on that team are already on another team, they will be added to the roster and their profile will be posed to the forums.

      • Challenging new teams is highly encouraged, to welcome them and see what they're made of!

    Additional Considerations

    • The GameSync Rules & Terms of Use are in effect at all times.
    • Please defer to the GameSync admins, coordinators, volunteers and staff at all times.

    • League admin reserves the right to adjust these rules, the format of the league, or anything else at their discretion. Because League Admin tries not to be a bunch of jerks, they will announce such changes a week in advance except in urgent cases.

    • Players and teams found to be breaking any of the rules will be penalized at the discretion of League Admin, up to and including deduction of points on the Challenger Board or, in dire cases, expulsion from the league.
      • League Admin would really prefer to work things out courteously and reasonably instead of resorting to the above.


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