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    Hi everybody.

    Today me and Agragati spoke about the current situation about ESEA and what's going on.

    Currently, the GameSync network is IP-banned from ESEA because of a bad customer being banned at the game center which resulted in the ban of everyone who attempts to log on to ESEA. We have emailed ESEA about this and we are awaiting response.

    A heads up to everyone using ESEA:
    1. All rules that apply to ESEA apply to the game center when using ESEA. That means no cheating, multiple accounts, account sharing, forum abuse, etc. (read more here)
    2. If you are banned on ESEA, do NOT use the steam account linked with ESEA even with the client closed. The system can recognize this and it will again result in another ip ban once we are un-banned (it is ok as long as the IP ban is present)
    3. The ESEA client is very smart and there is pretty much no way around it. So don't do anything stupid or you're going to ruin the experience for a lot of people.
    4. If you do something stupid deliberately, the game center has the right to port you with out paying you back.
    Basically, just be smart. ESEA might not give us a 2nd chance.


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