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About Random Rumbles

Show them who's boss! Immerse yourself in the e-Sports scene with consistent tournament experience! With a small entry fee and the ability to play from home, Random Rumbles are the perfect setup for players to join the GameSync community, learn from other players, and improve teamwork. Play & compete against other gamers to win prizes & bragging rights. Random Rumbles are private online tournaments and are available to GameSync Club Members. To join our club, click here!

How It Works

Random Rumbles is a one day, double elimination, online tournament. Players will be added to random teams which will be balanced based on rank.


There will be a $5 entry fee per player.


Players will receive a $10 gift card for the game they are participating in and free entry to the next Random Rumbles of their choosing.


If a player is unable to play, it is up to the team to find a stand-in. Stand-ins must be close in skill level/rank to the absent player.

Team Formation/Going Undrafted

The number of teams participating will correspond with how many players signup before the registration deadline. A minimum of four teams is required to start the tournament. If less than four teams signup, the tournament date will be pushed back one week.

Players will be added to teams on a first come first serve basis. Any undrafted player will get free entry to the next Random Rumbles of their choosing, even if they stand-in during the current one.

Coin Toss

The lower seed will receive the equivalent of winning the coin toss. Seeds will always be randomly selected.


Pauses are limited to 5 minutes in length for issues not related to a disconnected player. A team may pause two times in a game for issues not related to disconnection. There must be at least 5 minutes of game time passed between the two pauses.

DC'ed Players

Each team can wait up to a total of 15 minutes per match for disconnected players. In the event a player (or players) are unable to continue playing for any reason their team may choose to continue the match without them. For games that apply, using the DC’ed players heroes/champions is permitted.

Reporting Matches

After each match, team leaders must go to BattleFy and report their wins. There will be a link to the brackets in each individual tournament thread.

Tournament results will be posted in "Winner's Circle" on the home page of this forum.

Jun 22, 2016
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