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ggCircuit: global endless competitions!


ggCircuit is an interconnected tournament platform among LAN centers all over the world. Currently there are three offerings:

Ladder Cups: A casual competition each night. Each team entered, each player per team gets 50 coins, each team win each player gets 50 coins, an overall tournament win each player gets 50 coins. Typically this is for 8 weeks with coins earned each week, with possible prizes for the top center after the 8 weeks (with the most tournament coins). After it's over, keep an eye out in the next few weeks for the new series. The current schedule is:

Overwatch Monday

CS:GO Tuesday

Hearthstone Wednesday

League of Legends Thursday.

Seasons: more info coming soon

Wandemonium: more info coming soon

Prizing for Seasons & Wandemonium depends on what the ggCircuit staff can get for the various competitions. It's always changing. Check out forums or the ggcircuit website for updated information.

In-person attendees of ggCircuit receive a discounted rate of 18% off ($4.63/hour + tax) for time spent after the event is over. Keep in mind that you earn coins for participating and coins for winning, all of which can be redeemed for prizes in the ggCircuit vault. GameSync will also be offering in-house prizes eventually.

For specific games rules, please see the thread for the game title you are registering for.

Note that hourly gaming and Skill Coins can be earned by playing at GameSync even if you don't join any ggCircuit competitions! You get coins per hour and coins for playing supported games even without entering any tournaments.

Tournament results will be posted in their respective ggCircuit events. Big event wins by any GameSync team will be posted in "Winner's Circle" on this forum.

Rideshares: if you need to ride or want to carpool, please post a request on these forums.

To participate in the ggCircuit events, please join our community FREE by filling out the form located at

For each event you will need to have your team leader go to the website and verify that you are attending the event. You will NOT be able to compete unless you are on the attending list. You can find the ggCircuit events here:

In game communication: We use Discord during our events. Please create an account and join our channel prior to arriving by visiting


Are the teams pre-made going into it, or are they thrown together just for fun once everyone is there?

The teams are set up ahead of time. Please apply to join a team at

"Can I join with my friends?

This is a possibility. Please inquire with the team leader or chat us on our discord server at

Do we use are own peripherals (KB, Mouse, Headphones etc) or do we use the center's?

You don't need to bring anything (unless it's a controller for Rocket League). We have all the setups provided for you. Details on our hardware are at

Are there ways we can come in and familiarize ourselves with your gear?

You can purchase time by the hour. We are open 7x365 for walk-ins. Pricing is at

Do you stream the events?

Yes! Follow us on for notifications when we go live.

Do you have a spectator's area available?

We are a small venue, however occasionally we may have a viewing area set up outside the facility. As we have to rent and set up the equipment, it is typically cost and time prohibitive for us to do so on a regular basis.

Should I sign up for the event if I'm just going to spectate?

Please simply RSVP to the sign up thread for the tournament you're interested in and indicate that you are going to spectate only.

Is there an age limit?

We ask that all participants be over the age of 12. If you are under 17, please ensure you have a parent approve to play M for Mature games.

If I don't have a team of 5 i will be a ringer (stand-in)?

As this is a team-based series of events, team leaders will need people in case of a no-show. Make sure you post on the forum for the game you're interested in.

Why doesn't ggCircuit host Blizzard games?

Any Blizzard title doesn't give out much API access, so it's hard for them to support it.

Aug 9, 2016
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